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Coarse woody debris (CWD) is an important and particular component of forest ecosystems and is extremely important to forest health. This review describes the decomposition process, decomposition model and influence factors. CWD decomposition is a complex and continuous process and characterizes many biological and physical processes, including biological(More)
The ecological footprint (EF) model has received much attention as an assessment indicator for sustainable development in recent years. Firstly, the temporal changes of domestic timber production, imports and exports in China were analyzed from 1973 to 2003, the analysis results showed an apparent fluctuation in timber production during 1973–1995 but a(More)
A study was conducted to determine the characters of soil structure in different water and soil conservation forests in Keshan County, northwest of Heilongjiang Province, China. The soil bulk density, the ratio of non-capillary porosity and capillary porosity (NCP/CP), and the generalized soil structure index (GSSI) were measured for Fraxinus mandshurica,(More)
An investigation was conducted on the living tree volume, coarse woody debris (CWD) loading, and composition of Larix gmelinii forest along a human disturbance gradient, i.e., no disturbance (natural larch forest), one-time disturbance (natural forest was disturbed once only), and two-time disturbance (natural forest was disturbed two times consecutively),(More)
This paper demonstrates a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) procedure of classifying and mapping forest management category in Baihe Forestry Burea, Jilin Province, China. Within the study area, Baihe Forestry Bureau land was classified into a two-hierarchy system. The top-level class included the non-forest and forest. Over 96% of land area is forest in(More)
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