Hui-xue Li

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The nature of anion···π (anion X1-4(-) = SCN(-), PF6(-), BF4(-) and NO3(-), respectively) interactions with electron-deficient and cavity self-tunable macrocyclic host tetraoxacalix[2]arene[2]triazine 1 as electron-acceptor (J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 892) have been theoretically investigated with the density functional theory (B3LYP, M06-2X, M06-L, M06,(More)
The prediction and characterization of the single-electron sodium bond complexes Y-C...Na-H [Y = H(3), H(3)CH(2), (H(3)C)(2)H and (H(3)C)(3)] have been investigated for the first time by using MP2/6-311++G(d,p), MP2/6-311++G(2d,2p) and MP2/aug-cc-pVDZ methods. The strength of the interactions in H(3)C...Na-H, H(3)CH(2)C...Na-H, (H(3)C)(2)HC...Na-H, and(More)
Inspired by the recent observation of correlated excitation energy fluctuations of neighboring chromophores (Lee et al. Science 2007, 316, 1462), quantum chemistry calculations and molecular dynamics simulations were employed to calculate the electronic-vibrational coupling in the excited states of the photosynthetic reaction center of purple bacteria(More)
We calculated the hole and electron mobilities of tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) derivative crystals using first-principles calculations and the Marcus theory of electron transfer. The hole and electron reorganization energies were found to decrease with the extension of π-conjugated orbitals. The calculated hole mobilities of TTF, dibenzo-tetrathiafulvalene(More)
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