Hui-rong Wang

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A frequency selection method of NIR spectroscopy was proposed in the present paper for discrimination of maize seed varieties. A criterion function was defined to evaluate the discriminative ability of NIR spectroscopy at different frequencies, and then features of maize seed varieties were extracted accordingly for further processing. By eliminating(More)
A new method for the fast discrimination of varieties of corn based on near-infrared spectroscopy using genetic algorithm and linear discriminant analysis (LDA) was proposed. First, data of NIS of 37 varieties of corn was collected, second, genetic algorithm used for choosing the feature band of spectrum, then PCA and LDA were used to extract features, and(More)
NIR technology is a rapid, nondestructive and user-friendly method ideally suited for Qualitative analysis. In this paper the authors present the use of discriminant partial least Squares (DPLS)-based linear discriminant analysis (LDA) in corn qualitative near infrared spectroscopy analysis. Firstly, a training set including 30 corn varieties (each variety(More)
A new method for the discrimination of varieties of corn was proposed based on the data set of near-infrared spectroscopy range from 4 000 to 12 000 cm(-1) of corn seed varieties. Principal component analysis (PCA) method was used to study the feature of the data, and the authors found that the near-infrared spectroscopy of corn seed varieties has a clear(More)
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