Hui-qing Peng

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Entrapment within surface-crosslinked micelles (SCMs) enhanced the emission of conventional hydrophobic fluorescent dyes, endowed them with excellent water solubility and membrane permeability, and greatly expanded the Stokes shifts without any covalent structural modification of the dyes.
Attrition scrubbing was used to remediate lead contaminated-site soil, and the main purpose was to remove fine particles and lead contaminants from the surface of sand. The optimal parameters of attrition scrubbing were determined by orthogonal experiment, and three soil samples with different lead concentration were subjected to attrition scrubbing(More)
The preparation of functionalized bis-ureidopyrimidinones (Bis-UPy) through the thiol-yne reaction is described. Various Bis-UPys with different functional groups were synthesized by using the readily available functionalized alkynes and UPy-thiol to affirm the simplicity and versatility of the methodology.
Water-dispersible nanospheres of hydrogen-bonded supramolecular polymers have been prepared for the first time by using the miniemulsion method. Nanospheres containing chromophores with high fluorescence quantum yields were fabricated to mimic the natural light-harvesting system.
In the asymmetric unit of the title compound, C(10)H(11)NO(4), there are two crystallographically independent mol-ecules, which are connected via a C-H⋯O hydrogen bond. The crystal structure is stabilized by this hydrogen bond together with an N-O⋯π contact [O⋯Cg 3.297 (5) Å; Cg is the centroid of one of the benzene rings].
Novel 3D Ni1-x Cox Se2 mesoporous nanosheet networks with tunable stoichiometry are successfully synthesized on Ni foam (Ni1-x Cox Se2 MNSN/NF with x ranging from 0 to 0.35). The collective effects of special morphological design and electronic structure engineering enable the integrated electrocatalyst to have very high activity for hydrogen evolution(More)
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