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The availability of ZY-3 satellite data provides additional potential for surveying, mapping, and quantitative studies. Topographic correction, which eliminates the terrain effect caused by the topographic relief, is one of the fundamental steps in data preprocessing for quantitative analysis of vegetation. In this paper, we rectified ZY-3 satellite data(More)
Selective, sensitive fluorescent probes for ClO− are desirable due to the importance of ClO− in biological processes. Herein, a readily available turn-off fluorescent probe for ClO− is reported, which displays highly selectivity and sensitivity over other common anions and reactive oxygen/nitrogen. Moreover, it is able to detect ClO− in Ramos cells via(More)
An easily available novel fluorescent probe based on rhodamine 6G–thiourea conjugate (RGTU) has been synthesized. Upon mixed with Hg2+ in CH3CN–H2O (1:9, v/v), the dramatic enhancement of fluorescence intensity as well as the color change of the solution were observed. The presence of common coexisting alkali, alkaline earth, and transition metal ions(More)
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