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Stringent negative regulation of the transcription factor NF-κB is essential for maintaining cellular stress responses and homeostasis. However, the tight regulation mechanisms of IKKβ are still not clear. Here, we reported that nemo-like kinase (NLK) is a suppressor of tumor necrosis factor (TNFα)-induced NF-κB signaling by inhibiting the phosphorylation(More)
Taking the flue-cured tobacco variety of "Longjiang 911" from Heilongjiang Province of Northeast China as test material, a pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of foliar spraying different concentration methyl jasmonate (MeJA) on the seedlings leaf chlorophyll content and chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics during the transplantation stage(More)
Cyclins are essential for cell proliferation, the cell cycle and tumorigenesis in all eukaryotes. UbcH10 regulates the degradation of cyclins in a ubiquitin-dependent manner. Here, we report that UbcH10 is likely involved in tumorigenesis. We found that cancer cells exposed to n-acetyl-leu-leu-norleucinal (ALLN) treatment and UbcH10 depletion exhibit a(More)
The design of delivery vehicles that are stable in circulation but can be activated by exogenous energy sources is challenging. Our goals are to validate new imaging methods for the assessment of particle stability, to engineer stable and activatable particles and to assess accumulation of a hydrophilic model drug in an orthotopic tumor. Here, liposomes(More)
Continual high expression of cysteine proteases calpain I and II have been implicated in tumorigenicity; conversely, N-acetyl-leu-leunorleucinal (ALLN), which inhibits calpain I and II, should also influence tumor growth and carcinogenesis. To explore the role of ALLN against colon cancer and in promoting apoptosis, we used colon cancer HCT116 cell lines,(More)
Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most lethal of all urological cancers and tumor angiogenesis is closely related with its growth, invasion, and metastasis. Recent studies have suggested that epidermal growth factor-like domain multiple 7 (EGFL7) is overexpressed by many tumors, such as colorectal cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma; it is also correlated(More)
To overcome the limitations of common eye drops, the study developed a novel timolol mealate (TM) liposomal-hydrogel to enhance drug permeability and prolong residence time in the precorneal region, which achieved more effective local glaucomatous therapeutic effect. Firstly, TM liposome was prepared by an ammonium sulfate gradient-pH regulation method,(More)
An orthogonal regression field experiment was conducted to study the effects of combined fertilization of N, P, and K on the nicotine content in the upper leaves of filling type flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tobacum) variety "Longjiang 911" from Northeast China. The regression effect models of N, P, and K fertilization rates and upper leaf nicotine content(More)
By using Biolog technique, this paper studied the carbon source utilization characteristics of microbial communities in different layers (0-10 cm, 10-20 cm, and 20-30 cm) of a petroleum-contaminated soil near an oil well having exploited for 36 years in Daqing Oil Field. Petroleum contamination enhanced the metabolic activity of the soil microbial(More)
By using the routine soil physical and chemical analysis methods and the Biolog technique, this paper studied the effects of Festuca arundinacea growth on the pH value, total salt content, and microbial community in the rhizosphere of crude dil-contaminated saline-alkaline soil in Songnen Plain of Northeast China. Crude oil contamination resulted in the(More)