Hui-feng Xu

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Taohong Siwu decoction (THSWD), a formulation prescribed in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has been widely used in the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA). TCM has the potential to prevent diseases, such as OA, in an integrative and holistic manner. However, the system-level characterization of the drug-target interactions of THSWD has not been(More)
The herb pair comprising Salvia miltiorrhiza (SM) and Panax notoginseng (PN) has been used as a classical formula for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in China and in western countries. However, the pharmacology of SM and PN in this herb pair has not been fully elucidated. The aim of this study was to compare the mechanisms of SM and PN at the molecular level(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of water extracts from Duhuo Jisheng decoction on chondrocyte G1 phase. METHODS Chondrocytes were collected from four-week-old SD rats to establish the chondrocyte in vitro culture system. The third generation of chondrocytes was intervened. MTT method was used to measure the effect of water extracts from different(More)
Xiao Chai Hu Tang (XCHT), a traditional herbal formula, is widely administered as a cancer treatment. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms of its anti-cancer effects are not fully understood. In the present study, a computational pharmacological model that combined chemical space mapping, molecular docking and network analysis was employed to(More)
Diesun Miaofang (DSMF) is a traditional herbal formula, which has been reported to activate blood, remove stasis, promote qi circulation and relieve pain. DSMF holds a great promise for the treatment of traumatic injury in an integrative and holistic manner. However, its underlying mechanisms remain to be elucidated. In the present study, a systems(More)
A number of mathematical models have been developed and used for received signal processing in acoustic detection of buried objects with low frequency waves up to now. Most of them are linear combination of signals and impulses of the system. They are too simple to make in-depth analysis of the parameters of the system. Then, a spatial impulse response(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this experiment is to know whether active orthopedic appliance is rationale to do presurgical treatment and seek some regularities. METHODS Laser scanning confocal microscopy and triple fluorochrome labeling in bone were used to observe and study detailed changes occurred in compressed suture systematically. RESULTS Widened suture(More)
Huoxue Huayu (HXHY) has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a key therapeutic principle for osteoarthritis (OA), and related herbs have been widely prescribed to treat OA in the clinic. The aims of the present study were to explore a multi-target therapy for OA using 10 common HXHY herbs and to investigate their potential applications(More)
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