Hui Zhu Su

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Recently, some approaches of finding probabilistic skylines on uncertain data have been proposed. In these approaches, a data object is composed of instances, each associated with a probability. The probabilistic skyline is then defined as a set of non-dominated objects with probabilities exceeding or equaling a given threshold. In many applications, data(More)
Embedding Information technology with Transportation system creates a new era in building Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). An effective Intelligent Transportation System reduces traffic congestion, environmental pollution, fuel consumption and driver in-convenience etc. The widespread adoption of GPS-enabled mobile devices has opened new(More)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) applications play an important role in business activities nowadays. With the rapidly increasing volume of RFID data, the traditional centralized data warehouses (CDW) can not process RFID efficiently. To solve the problem, this paper proposes a novel model of RFID distributed data warehouse based on concept hierarchy(More)
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