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We present measurements of the spin and orbital magnetic moments of Fe3O4 by using SQUID and magnetic circular dichroism in soft x-ray absorption. The measurements show that Fe3O4 has a noninteger spin moment, in contrast to its predicted half-metallic feature. Fe3O4 also exhibits a large unquenched orbital moment. Calculations using the local density(More)
The specific heat ðCÞ of bi-layered manganites La2 2 2xSr1 þ 2xMn2O7 (x 1⁄4 0:3 and 0.5) is investigated for the ground state of low temperature excitations. A T dependent term in the low temperature specific heat (LTSH) is identified at zero magnetic field and suppressed by magnetic fields for x 1⁄4 0:3 sample, which is consistent with a ferromagnetic(More)
Ferrimagnetic Mn,N films were deposited on Si (100) substrate by dc reactive magnetron sputtering from sintered Mn target. Highly (002) textured Mn,N ordered phase is formed in situ at studied substrate temperatures of 150-250 “C without further annealing. Anomalous perpendicular magnetoanisotropy exists in these face-centered cubic films with larger(More)
Two systems of ternary transition metal phosphides with the ordered Fe(2)P-type hexagonal structure are reported. They have the general formula MRuP and MOsP, in which M can be Ti, Zr, or Hf. An onset of the superconducting transition temperature as high as 13.0 K is reported for the ZrRuP compound.
Coexistence of exchange bias (H(E)) and magnetization (M) shift was observed in as-grown and field-annealed MnO(x)/Ga(0.95)Mn(0.05)As bilayers. It was found that H(E) initially decreases with the annealing time t(a) and then increases when t(a) > 30 min, while the M shift remains almost unchanged with t(a). X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analysis(More)
Continuous imaging of live tissues provides clear temporal sequence of biological events. The Drosophila imaginal discs have been popular experimental subjects for the study of a wide variety of biological phenomena, but long term culture that allows normal development has not been satisfactory. Here we report a culture method that can sustain normal(More)
Compartment boundary formation plays an important role in development by separating adjacent developmental fields. Drosophila imaginal discs have proven valuable for studying the mechanisms of boundary formation. We studied the boundary separating the proximal A1 segment and the distal segments, defined respectively by Lim1 and Dll expression in the(More)
Magnetization measurements with the magnetic field parallel to the c-axis were performed on overdoped Bi2¡ xPbxSr2CaCu2O8+ ± single crystals. Different from undoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ ± single crystal, a pronounced anomalous peak with maximum peak field over 5000 G can be observed in enlarging temperature window from 0.2Tc to 0.9Tc; both the anomalous(More)
Live imaging provides the ability to continuously track dynamic cellular and developmental processes in real time. Drosophila larval imaginal discs have been used to study many biological processes, such as cell proliferation, differentiation, growth, migration, apoptosis, competition, cell-cell signaling, and compartmental boundary formation. However,(More)
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