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The Internet of Things is a technological revolution that represents the future of computing and communications. It is not the simple extension of the Internet or the Telecommunications Network. It has the features of both the Internet and the Telecommunications Network, and also has its own distinguishing feature. Through analysing the current accepted(More)
BACKGROUND This study was undertaken to determine the effect of thimerosal on the neurodevelopment of premature rats. METHODS Thimerosal was injected into premature SD rats at a dose of 32.8, 65.6, 98.4 or 131.2 μg/kg on postnatal day 1. Expression of dopamine D4 receptor (DRD4) and serotonin 2A receptor (5-HT2AR), apoptosis in the prefrontal cortex on(More)
Net neutrality has caused a raging concern about Internet's open, accessible and innovative features. This paper summarizes the concept and origination of net neutrality, as well as the typical opinions of the proponents and opponents on net neutrality. It takes Comcast as an example, analyses the reason and measurement that Internet Service Providers(More)
We have studied the AC-4 algorithm and then present value ordering heuristic for solving algorithm BT-MSV which is based on the AC-4 algorithm. This algorithm takes full advantage of supported information which is recorded in the data structure of the AC-4 algorithm during the process of arc consistency. The algorithm sorts the value of the variables'(More)
Field experiments of winter wheat-summer maize rotation were conducted in North China Plain irrigation area to explore the effects of wheat season irrigation with dairy effluent on grain yield, phosphorus uptake, accumulative phosphorus usage efficiency and phosphorus accumulation in soil. The results showed that the irrigation with dairy effluent(More)
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