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BACKGROUND Walking in time with a metronome is associated with improved spatiotemporal parameters in hemiparetic gait; however, the mechanism linking auditory and motor systems is poorly understood. OBJECTIVE Hemiparetic cadence control with metronome synchronization was examined to determine specific influences of metronome timing on treadmill walking.(More)
Stepping in time with a metronome has been reported to improve pathological gait. Although there have been many studies of finger tapping synchronisation tasks with a metronome, the specific details of the influences of metronome timing on walking remain unknown. As a preliminary to studying pathological control of gait timing, we designed an experiment(More)
Effects of light touch on body sway have usually been investigated with some form of constant contact. Only two studies investigated transient sway dynamics following the addition or withdrawal of light touch. This study adopted a paradigm of intermittent touch and assessed body sway during as well as following short periods of touch of varying durations to(More)
BACKGROUND Middle-aged adults show a higher incidence of falls compared to young adults when performing outdoor physical activities. This study investigated whether or not the patterns and quantitative characteristics of the trunk and lower extremity muscle activations associated with stepping, which represents an important movement for arresting falls,(More)
AIM Dual-tasking probes divided attention and causes performance changes that are associated with an increased risk for falls in the elderly. There is no systematic review investigating the effect of task type and complexity on the prediction of elderly falls. This article synthesizes research evidence regarding this issue on the contents of dual-tasking(More)
We exploit rich information on the geographic, product and trader characteristics of Chinese trade between 1997-2003 to examine the connections between the quality, frequency and survival of new export transactions of private Chinese traders and the rapidly growing presence of multinational firms. Our analysis finds that increased contact with own-industry(More)
The extent to which force and timing are independently controlled has aroused research interest. The present study aims to examine the relationship between force and timing symmetrical performances during repetitive body weight shifting. Eight hemiparetic stroke patients and eight age- and gender-matched controls were required to repetitively shift weight(More)
PURPOSE In the field of long-term care, disability usually refers to difficulties in instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) or basic activities of daily living (BADL); this term may also refer to difficulties in mobility for those more interested in preventive intervention or general health promotion. The aims of this study were to (1) categorise a(More)
BACKGROUND Dual-task Timed "Up & Go" (TUG) tests are likely to have applications different from those of a single-task TUG test and may have different contributing factors. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare factors contributing to performance on single- and dual-task TUG tests. DESIGN This investigation was a cross-sectional study. (More)
To explore the primary stage or site of action of acetamizuril (AZL), a novel triazine anticoccidial compound, the ultrastructural development of Eimeria tenella at different endogenous stages was studied in experimentally infected chickens treated with a single oral dose of 15 mg/kg AZL. As a result of drug action, the differentiations of second-generation(More)