Hui Xiao Chao

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In biological evolution, adaptations to one environment can in some cases reverse adaptations to another environment. To study this "reverse evolution" on a genotypic level, we measured the fitness of E. coli strains with each possible combination of five mutations in an antibiotic-resistance gene in two distinct antibiotic environments. While adaptations(More)
Inactivation of β-lactam antibiotics by resistant bacteria is a 'cooperative' behavior that may allow sensitive bacteria to survive antibiotic treatment. However, the factors that determine the fraction of resistant cells in the bacterial population remain unclear, indicating a fundamental gap in our understanding of how antibiotic resistance evolves. Here,(More)
The coordination of metabolic processes to allow increased nutrient uptake and utilization for macromolecular synthesis is central for cell growth. Although studies of bulk cell populations have revealed important metabolic and signaling requirements that impact cell growth on long time scales, whether the same regulation influences short-term cell growth(More)
This paper states the importance of determining the muzzle leaving time of guns with a high degree of accuracy. Two commonly used methods are introduced, which are the high speed photography method and photoelectric transducer method, and the advantage and disadvantage of these two methods are analyzed. Furthermore, a new method to determine the muzzle(More)
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