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The initial desertification in the Asian interior is thought to be one of the most prominent climate changes in the Northern Hemisphere during the Cenozoic era. But the dating of this transition is uncertain, partly because desert sediments are usually scattered, discontinuous and difficult to date. Here we report nearly continuous aeolian deposits covering(More)
Model-driven approaches to software development, when coupled with a domain-specific visual language, assist in capturing the essence of a large system in a notation that is familiar to a domain expert. From a high-level domain-specific model, it is possible to describe concisely the configuration features that a system must possess, in addition to checking(More)
— We propose a new GHz clock distribution scheme, injection-locked clocking (ILC). This new scheme uses injection-locked oscillators as the local clock regenerators. It can achieve better power efficiency and jitter performance than conventional buffered trees with the additional benefit of built-in deskewing. A test chip is implemented in a standard 0.18m(More)
Cocaine is an addictive psychostimulant that induces fos and opioid gene expression by activating the dopamine receptors and the PKA pathways in dopamine D1 and a glutamate NMDA-dependent mechanisms in the striatum. In this study, we show that a single cocaine administration induces ERK phosphorylation in the caudate/putamen of Fischer rats. This increase(More)
BACKGROUND Citation counts for peer-reviewed articles and the impact factor of journals have long been indicators of article importance or quality. In the Web 2.0 era, growing numbers of scholars are using scholarly social network tools to communicate scientific ideas with colleagues, thereby making traditional indicators less sufficient, immediate, and(More)
— Injection-locked clocking (ILC) has been proposed [1] to improve the skew and jitter performance while reducing the power consumption in multi-gigahertz clock distribution networks. This paper presents a new design of the injection-locked oscillator (ILO) suitable for ILC applications. It uses a transformer to generate differential signals and then(More)
Main-stream general-purpose microprocessors require a collection of high-performance interconnects to supply the necessary data movement. The trend of continued increase in core count has prompted designs of packet-switched network as a scalable solution for future-generation chips. However, the cost of scalability can be significant and especially hard to(More)
The emergence of crosscutting concerns can be observed in various representations of software artifacts (e.g., source code, models, requirements, and language grammars). Although much of the focus of AOP has been on aspect languages that augment the descriptive power of general-purpose programming languages, there is also a need for domain-specific aspect(More)
Important progresses have been made in palaeo-climatological studies by using statistical methods. But they are in somewhere limited as they take the present as an absolute reference. This is particularly true for the modern analogue technique. The availability of mechanistic models to simulate the proxies measured in the sediment cores gives now the(More)