Hui-Wen Tsai

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A new charge pump circuit has been proposed to suppress the return-back leakage current without suffering the gate-oxide reliability problem in low-voltage CMOS process. The four-phase clocks were used to control the charge-transfer devices turning on and turning off alternately to suppress the return-back leakage current. A test chip has been implemented(More)
A new 2xVDD-tolerant mixed-voltage I/O buffer circuit, realized with only 1xVDD devices in deep-sub-micron CMOS technology, to prevent transistors against gate-oxide reliability and hot-carrier degradation is proposed. The new proposed 2xVDD-tolerant I/O buffer has been designed and fabricated in a 0.13-lm CMOS process with only 1.2-V devices to serve a(More)
— A circuit solution to generate compensation current that can decrease the perturbation induced by the external latchup trigger was proposed. The robustness against latchup can be improved by supporting compensation current at the pad under latch-up current test. By inserting additional junctions to sense the latchup trigger current, the injected latchup(More)
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