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Luo et al. proposed a new method to design the maximally permissive and efficient supervisor for enforcing linear constraints on an ordinary Petri net with uncontrollable transitions. In order to develop this method, Theorem 3 is given. It is clamed that " a linear constraint can be equivalently transformed at an uncontrollable transition into a disjunction(More)
A power management and computation methodology is proposed for ultra-low power energy harvesting applications. An integrated exponential charge pump that accepts an input voltage of around 150mV and provides an unregulated output voltage of more than 1.5V serves as the power supply. To cater with the fluctuated energy source and unregulated power supply, a(More)
A micro power management system is presented for solar energy harvesting applications. An inductor-less solution is proposed which facilitates on-chip integration of the system. We target at applications working in different lighting environments ranging from strong sunlight to dim indoor lighting where the output voltage from the photovoltaic (PV) cells is(More)
A single inductor dual input dual output (SIDIDO) DC-DC converter is proposed for solar energy harvesting applications. The converter supports hybrid power supplies from both the photovoltaic (PV) cells and the rechargeable battery. Apart from the conventional role of providing a regulated output voltage to power the load, the proposed DC-DC converter also(More)
Energy harvesting is becoming more and more popular for micro-power applications where the environmental energy is used to power up the systems. In order to prolong the device lifetime and guarantee the system operation, the harvested power from the energy transducer to supply the system load should be maximized. This paper reviews different techniques and(More)