Hui Shan Loh

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  • H S Loh
  • Australian dental journal
  • 1998
Extracted teeth were collected from clinical procedures performed in the Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore. A selected sample of 957 maxillary first premolars were subjected to visual examination and digital radiography. There was a higher incidence of two-root form (50.6 per cent) than previously reported for the Singaporean dentition.(More)
  • H S Loh
  • Australian dental journal
  • 1990
Seven hundred and eighty-six patients of Singaporean Chinese origin requiring extractions of permanent mandibular molars were screened. Personal details, identification of the tooth and the presence or absence of an extra root were recorded. Thirty-two cases (4.1 per cent) exhibited an extra disto-lingual root. None was found in the second molar. The first(More)
This survey was undertaken to study the clinical features of trigeminal neuralgia in an Asian population. Demographic data of 44 patients treated at the Dental Faculty of the National University of Singapore and at the University of Malaya were reviewed. The results of the survey were analysed and comparisons made with those of Caucasian patients as(More)
Bilateral coronoid hyperplasia requires surgery (coronoidectomy) to improve mouth opening. An intra-oral approach is preferred with direct fibre-optic anaesthetic intubation. Myotomy of the masseter muscle is recommended in cases where fibrotic and calcifying effects have occurred. Pre-operative physiotherapy counselling and post-operative jaw exercises are(More)
A case of histiocytosis X (Langerhans-cell histiocytosis) occurring in the maxilla of a two-year-old boy is presented. Common dental and oral conditions were considered and eliminated. Diagnosis was made through a biopsy which showed aggregates of histiocytes. Management consisted of multi-modal treatment. Full skeletal radiographic survey and review were(More)
  • H S Loh
  • Journal of clinical laser medicine & surgery
  • 1992
Ten patients with an established histologic diagnosis of lichen planus on various sites of the oral cavity were treated with CO 2 laser therapy under local anesthesia. Power output of 5 W at continuous mode was applied to vaporize the lesions. Eradication was achieved by aiming the laser in a moving criss-cross pattern with defocused spatial overlap. (More)
A case is reported whereby an anterior open-bite was treated with the Köle osteotomy in an adult Chinese girl. This study documents cephalometrically the post-treatment changes occurring in the dento-alveolar complex over a ten year follow-up period and describes the possible mechanisms contributing to the remarkable stability of the open-bite correction.
The CO2 laser was introduced in Singapore in 1985 for dental surgery. It delivered a novel and brilliant adjunct for management of orofacial lesions and conditions. Tissue destruction is precise, immediate and quite bloodless. Oedema is not remarkable and healing produces minimal scarring. For small mucosal lesions, a power of 5 to 10 watts is sufficient.(More)
Twenty-five Chinese adults with mandibular prognathism were treated with either the intraoral vertical subcondylar osteotomy or the bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy. The patients were kept in maxillomandibular fixation for 6 to 8 weeks while osteosynthesis was achieved with the use of intraosseous wiring. Serial lateral cephalograms were taken(More)