Hui-Na Chua

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Applications and digital goods for mobile devices have been around for more than a decade. Recent technology development has also driven the use of mobile commerce technology. Mobile commerce is another form of payment but it has the ability to embrace new ideas concerning digital money as mobile device have grown to become an essential personal needs. A(More)
Web service selection has recently emerged as one of the potential research area in the web service composition. Selection of web service has become a challenge when the composition of the web service is to be done automatically. The capability of the multiple-aspects of similarity function is the advance feature to the web service selection capability.
Efficient co-browsing of Web-pages from devices with different capabilities requires users to have a shared understanding of those Web-pages. This paper presents the concept of shared viewpoint (SVP) and personal viewpoint (PVP) for co-browsing before detailing a framework for implementing these concepts. Finally, the effectiveness of the framework is(More)
Though IMS (IP Multimedia subsystem) is aimed to provide an open architecture environment for rapid service creation, it does not necessarily solve all the problems of service interactions and service provisioning. Service Brokering function as currently being studied by the 3GPP [1], is aimed to manage service capabilities interaction between any type of(More)
In this paper we explore the service creation process for IMS based applications and investigate how IMS service capabilities such as presence and profile can be used to create application that gives user control and enrich the user experience. The use cases we have selected focus on an application we call Personal Inbound Call Routing (PICR), an inbound(More)
With the rapid development of mobile communication and packet-switched technologies, it is inevitable to discover the suitable solutions to integrate these networks and to provide users the consistency and continuity of services through diverse access networks. In this paper, we analyse the fundamental criteria for the suitable solutions based on 3GPP(More)