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We review the history of the South American summer monsoon (SASM) over the past ∼ 2000 yr based on high-resolution stable isotope proxies from speleothems, ice cores and lake sediments. Our review is complemented by an analysis of an isotope-enabled atmospheric general circulation model (GCM) for the past 130 yr. Proxy records from the monsoon belt in the(More)
Integration of individual two-dimensional graphene sheets into macroscopic structures is essential for the application of graphene. A series of graphene-based composites and macroscopic structures have been recently fabricated using chemically derived graphene sheets. However, these composites and structures suffer from poor electrical conductivity because(More)
Large single-crystal graphene is highly desired and important for the applications of graphene in electronics, as grain boundaries between graphene grains markedly degrade its quality and properties. Here we report the growth of millimetre-sized hexagonal single-crystal graphene and graphene films joined from such grains on Pt by ambient-pressure chemical(More)
Nanostructures are known to be exquisitely sensitive to the chemical environment and offer ultra-high sensitivity for gas-sensing. However, the fabrication and operation of devices that use individual nanostructures for sensing is complex, expensive and suffers from poor reliability due to contamination and large variability from sample-to-sample. By(More)
Nanosized anatase TiO(2) single crystals with 18% {001} facets have a raised conduction band minimum by 0.1 eV, and exhibit photocatalytic activity both for generating *OH radicals and for splitting water into hydrogen that is markedly superior--by factors of 5.6 and 8.2, respectively--to reference ca. 3 microm anatase TiO(2) with 72% {001} facets.
  • J. Apaéstegui, F. W. Cruz, +10 authors W. Santini
  • 2014
In this paper we explore a speleothem δ 18 O record from Palestina cave, northwestern Peru, at a site on the eastern side of the Andes cordillera, in the upper Amazon Basin. The δ 18 O record is interpreted as a proxy for South Ameri-can Summer Monsoon (SASM) intensity and allows the reconstruction of its variability during the last 1600 years. Two periods(More)
Large-area monolayer WS2 is a desirable material for applications in next-generation electronics and optoelectronics. However, the chemical vapour deposition (CVD) with rigid and inert substrates for large-area sample growth suffers from a non-uniform number of layers, small domain size and many defects, and is not compatible with the fabrication process of(More)
Single crystalline anatase TiO(2) rods with dominant reactive {010} facets are directly synthesized by hydrothermally treating Cs(0.68)Ti(1.83)O(4)/H(0.68)Ti(1.83)O(4) particles. The nanosized rods show a comparable conversion efficiency in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), and a superior photocatalytic conversion of CO(2) into methane to the benchmark(More)
Doping NaAlH(4) with Ti-catalyst has produced a promising hydrogen storage system that can be reversibly operated at moderate temperature conditions. Of the various dopant precursors, TiCl(3) was well recognized due to its pronounced catalytic effect on the reversible dehydrogenation processes of sodium aluminium hydrides. Quite recently we experimentally(More)
ZnS nanostructures with different morphologies of submicrospheres, nanosheets and nanorods were synthesized by solution precipitation of thiourea with Zn(NO(3))(2) in the presence of block copolymer at low temperature. The sizes and morphologies of ZnS can be controlled simply by changing the processing parameters. The results show that the ZnS(More)