Hui Ling Lai

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Hemorrhagic shock is a common cause of death in emergency rooms. Current animal models of hemorrhage encounter a major problem that the volume and the rate of blood loss cannot be controlled. In addition, the use of anesthesia obscures physiological responses. Our experiments were designed to establish an animal model based on the clinical situation for(More)
Sponges composed of sodium alginate and chitosan were prepared via a freeze drying process in order to assess the utility of mixed sponges as potential wound dressings or matrices for tissue engineering. Sponge preparation involved dissolving both polymers (either individually or mixed) in 1% acetic acid and freeze-drying the corresponding solutions. The(More)
The thermal behaviour of the ethylcellulose (EC), a polymer that is widely used in pharmaceutical dosage forms, has been investigated with a view to study the glass transition and higher temperature thermal events as well as to develop new approaches to characterise this complex polymer system. Samples of EC powder were studied using conventional and(More)
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