Hui-Ling Ho

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DNA screening for LDL receptor mutations was performed in 170 unrelated hyperlipidemic Chinese patients and two clinically diagnosed familial hypercholesterolemia patients. Two deletions (Del e3-5 and Del e6-8), eight point mutations (W-18X, D69N, R94H, E207K, C308Y, I402T, A410T, and A696G), and two polymorphisms (A370T and I602V) were identified. Of these(More)
Let α be an irrational number with 0 < α < 1, and let fα be the characteristic word of α. The location of a factor w of fα is defined to be the set of all positions in fα at which w occurs. In this paper, an explicit formula of the location of each factor w of fα is obtained. The decompositions REDα(w) and SODα(w) of fα associated with w are established.(More)
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