Hui-Liang Shen

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For dielectric inhomogeneous objects, the perceived reflections are the linear combinations of diffuse and specular reflection components. Specular reflection plays an important role in the fields of image analysis, pattern recognition, and scene synthesis. Several methods for the separation of the diffuse and the specular reflection components have been(More)
In multispectral imaging, Wiener estimation is widely adopted for the reconstruction of spectral reflectance. We propose an improved reflectance reconstruction method by adaptively selecting training samples for the autocorrelation matrix calculation in Wiener estimation, without a prior knowledge of the spectral information of the samples being imaged. The(More)
Two methods for colorimetric characterization of color scanner are proposed based on the measures of perceptual color difference error. The first method is used to minimize the total color differences between the actual and predicted color samples. The second one, which is a generalization of the existing cubic-root pre-processing technique, derives the(More)
Out-of-focus blur occurs frequently in multispectral imaging systems when the camera is well focused at a specific (reference) imaging channel. As the effective focal lengths of the lens are wavelength dependent, the blurriness levels of the images at individual channels are different. This paper proposes a multispectral image deblurring framework to(More)
Our study deals with color synthesis of a three-dimensional object in an image; i.e., given a single image, a target color can be accurately mapped onto the object such that the color appearance of the synthesized object closely resembles that of the actual one. As it is almost impossible to acquire the complete geometric description of the surfaces of an(More)
This paper proposes a pixelwise photometric stereo method for object surfaces with general bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (BRDFs) via appropriate reflection modeling. The modeling is based on three general characteristics of reflection components, i.e., the smooth variation of diffuse reflection, the concentration of specular reflection,(More)