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OsUGE-1 is known to be induced by various abiotic stresses, but its exact function in plants is unclear. In the present study, OsUGE-1 was over-expressed in Arabidopsis, transgenic plants conferred tolerance to salt, drought and freezing stress without altering plant morphology. In addition, transgenic plants showed a higher level of the soluble sugar(More)
Developmental gene families have diversified during land plant evolution. The primary role of YABBY gene family is promoting abaxial fate in model eudicot, Arabidopsis thaliana. However recent results suggest that roles of YABBY genes are not conserved in the angiosperms. In this paper, a rice YABBY gene was isolated, and its expression patterns were(More)
The porcine alpha interferon gene was inserted into the Pichia pastoris expression vector of pPICZalphaA which contains AOX I promoter and alpha-factor signal sequence. The recombinant plasmid was transformed into host cell E.coli JM109 and then was extracted for analysis of restriction enzymes. It was confirmed that heterogeneous gene spliced into vector(More)
A simple solvothermal route in a binary solution of triethylenetetramine (TETA) and deionized water (DIW) has been used to synthesize hierarchical hollow Co(9)S(8) microspheres with high surface area (80.38 m(2) g(-1)). An appropriate volume ratio of TETA:DIW has been found to be essential for the formation of hollow Co(9)S(8) microspheres. The magnetic(More)
The application of hyperspectral remote sensing has been a research focus in recent years, and one of its fundamental goals is to detect and classify the constituent materials for each pixel in the scene, which is pixel unmixing. This research proposes spectral reconstruction, which is the inverse process of pixel unmixing. It can be used to analyze the(More)
Lead arsenates were the most extensively used arsenical insecticides in the past. Their residues, especially the water-soluble fractions in environment may pose a potential human health risk. The solubility products (K(sp)) and free energies of formation (Delta G(f) degrees) of PbHAsO(4).2H(2)O(c), Pb(5)(AsO(4))(3)OH.H(2)O(c), Pb(3)(AsO(4))(2)(c) and(More)
The organocatalytic asymmetric allylic etherification reaction of Morita-Baylis-Hillman carbonates and silanols was reported for the first time. With modified cinchona alkaloid (DHQD)2PYR as the catalyst, a series of aromatic, heterocyclic, or aliphatic Morita-Baylis-Hillman carbonates (25 examples) worked well with triphenylsilanol, affording the(More)
By using huge primer PCR Cys86 (TGC) of PoIFN-alpha was mutated to Tyr(TAC), and the first code TGT was simultaneously changed to TGC, which is a bias code of E. coli. The expression plasmid pGEX-IFN was constructed successfully. Recombinant porcine IFN alpha, which is expressed as inclusion bodies, was about 20% of the total proteins. The inclusion body(More)
BACKGROUND Nicotine hinders the regenerative potentials of human periodontal ligament-derived stem cells (PDLSCs) and delays the healing process of periodontal diseases, but the underlying mechanism remains unclear. miR-1305 upregulation and its potential target RUNX2 downregulation exist in the PDLSCs exposed to nicotine. In this study, we aimed to(More)