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—This paper presents a new desynchronization algorithm aimed at providing collision-free transmission scheduling for single-hop and acyclic multi-hop wireless sensor networks. The desynchronization approach is resilient to the hidden terminal problem and topology changes. Each node distributively converges upon a single collision-free transmission slot,(More)
As the capability of an individual Web service is limited, it's necessary to create new functionalities with existing Web services. Web services composition is the ability to create a new value-added service by incorporating some existing Web services together. An important challenge for Web services composition is how to ensure the correctness and(More)
To minimize the execution time of a sensing task over a multi-hop hierarchical sensor network, we present a coordinated scheduling method following the divisible load scheduling paradigm. The proposed scheduling strategy builds from eliminating transmission collisions and idle gaps between two successive data transmissions. We consider a sensor network(More)
Most hardware and software venders suggest disabling hardware prefetching in virtualized environments. They claim that prefetching is detrimental to application performance due to inaccurate prediction caused by workload diversity and VM interference on shared cache. However, no comprehensive or quantitative measurements to support this belief have been(More)
Isoprene and monoterpenes are important precursors of secondary organic aerosols (SOA) in continents. However, their contributions to aerosols over oceans are still inconclusive. Here we analyzed SOA tracers from isoprene and monoterpenes in aerosol samples collected over oceans during the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Research Expeditions. Combined with(More)
As the trends move towards data outsourcing and cloud computing, the efficiency of distributed data centers increases in importance. Cloud-based services such as Amazon's EC2 rely on virtual machines (VMs) to host MapReduce clusters for large data processing. However, current VM scheduling does not provide adequate support for MapReduce workloads, resulting(More)
Actin filaments are dynamically reorganized to accommodate ever-changing cellular needs for intracellular transport, morphogenesis, and migration. Formins, a major family of actin nucleators, are believed to function as direct effectors of Rho GTPases, such as the polarity regulator Cdc42p. However, the presence of extensive redundancy has made it difficult(More)
Modern sequencing technologies have massively increased the amount of data available for comparative genomics. Whole-transcriptome shotgun sequencing (RNA-seq) provides a powerful basis for comparative studies. In particular, this approach holds great promise for emerging model species in fields such as evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo). We have(More)
Server virtualization is now becoming an effective means to consolidate numerous applications into a small number of machines. While such a strategy can lead to significant savings in power and hardware cost, it may complicate the fault management task due to the increasing scalability and complexity in the virtualized environment. In this paper, we propose(More)