Hui Kai Li

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Anticancer agents interfere with the proliferation and survival of tumor cells by a variety of mechanisms. An important factor in the development of a cytotoxic effect by certain anticancer agents is the localization of drug-induced lesions within the cell nucleus. Drug-target interactions at the level of nuclear matrix (NM) may be critical events in the(More)
Background:Paracentesis for malignant ascites is usually performed as an in-patient procedure, with a median length of stay (LoS) of 3–5 days, with intermittent clamping of the drain due to a perceived risk of hypotension. In this study, we assessed the safety of free drainage and the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of daycase paracentesis.Method:Ovarian(More)
Sixty gliomas obtained by neurosurgical resections were examined. Paraffin blocks were retrieved from pathological files of the Second Affiliated Hospital in Guangzhou Medical College. The methods of argyrophilic technique for AgNORs staining, and Image Analysis System for measurement of AgNORs were used. Six parameters, which included hcount, count, narea,(More)
The aim of this study was to determine if there has been improvement in survival for patients with gallbladder cancer treated with surgical procedures. A retrospective review of all patients with gallbladder cancer admitted during the past 11 years was conducted. The patients were categorized into two periods: period 1, from 1 January 2000 to 31 December(More)
The aims of the present study were to assess the effects of arsenic trioxide on the nuclear matrix protein profiles of mouse neuroblastoma cells. Arsenic trioxide induces apoptosis of acute promyelocytic leukemia cells. Our results demonstrated that 2 microM As2O3 could significantly inhibit the growth of Neuro-2a cells. As early as 24 hours after As2O3(More)
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