Hui-Jung Chang

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The aim of the present study was to improve the quality of handmade cloned porcine embryos by multiple embryo aggregations. Embryos derived from aggregation of three cloned embryos (3×) had a better blastocyst rate than cloned control (1×) embryos (73.6% vs 35.1%, respectively; P<0.05), but did not differ from those produced by aggregation of two cloned(More)
The goal of this article is to explore the manifestation of culture in the design of English-language and Chinese-language corporate websites, using Hofstede’s dimensions of culture. Data were gathered from the 2010 Global 500 list published by Fortune magazine. Only multinational corporations that have both Englishlanguage and Chinese-language websites(More)
Upward communication strategies were investigated at six university presidential BBS in Taiwan. A 12 CMC upward influence strategies scheme was developed including demand, facts, questioning, comparing, hitchhiking, rational persuasion, feelings only, sarcasm, inspirational appeals, ingratiating, alliance, and threatening. Two major research questions were(More)
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