Hui-Huang Hsu

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Abstract: Progressive image transmission (PIT) transmits the most significant portion of a picture, followed by its less important portions. The mechanism call be used in Web-based applications while users are browsing images. However, most PIT methods use the same pixel interpolation scheme for the entire picture, without considering the differences among(More)
How to learn new knowledge without forgetting old knowledge is a key issue in designing an incremental-learning neural network. In this paper, we present a new incremental learning method for pattern recognition, called the "incremental backpropagation learning network", which employs bounded weight modification and structural adaptation learning rules and(More)
We develop a new approach for gender recognition. In this paper, our approach uses the rectangle feature vector (RFV) as a representation to identify humans' gender from their faces. The RFV is computationally fast and effective to encode intensity variations of local regions of human face. By only using few rectangle features learned by AdaBoost, we(More)
With advanced technologies, computer devices have become smaller in size but still with powerful computing ability. As a result, there are growing amount of people start to take distance education courses not only by using their PCs but also using mobile devices such as pocket PCs. Because pocket PCs are easy to carry, these devices are considered as a(More)
Microarray technology provides an opportunity for scientists to analyze thousands of gene expression profiles simultaneously. However, microarray gene expression data often contain multiple missing expression values due to many reasons. Effective methods for missing value imputation in gene expression data are needed since many algorithms for gene analysis(More)
To determine the structure of a protein by X-ray crystallography, the protein needs to be purified and crystallized first. However, some proteins cannot be crystallized. This makes the average cost of protein structure determination much higher. Thus it is desired to predict the crystallizability of a protein by a computational method before starting the(More)
Hypervideo is a new viewing way for films just as hypertext on the WWW. In the literature, many standards and technologies have been developed for the hypertext. However, the present video processing methods cannot provide a proper solution for hyperlinks in video. In this paper, we propose an object-based hypervideo authoring system. Video objects can be(More)
Many people get lost easily in public places if they are not familiar with the environment. It would be very helpful to have an indoor localization system. Many researches in indoor localization can be found in the literature. However, they usually need to deploy sensors in the environment. It is costly and inconvenient. In this research, we propose to(More)