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Optimal control of heavy haul train based on approximate dynamic programming
The stochastic dynamic programming model is adopt to set up a rigorous mathematical formulation for heavy haul train control, and approximate dynamic programming algorithm with lookup table representation is introduced to find the optimal solution of the considered problem. Expand
Research on Automatic Train Control Based on Wavelet Package Principal Component Analysis
  • Hui He, T. Tang
  • Computer Science
  • 37th Chinese Control Conference (CCC)
  • 1 July 2018
Experimental results show that the method combines wavelet, PCA and iterative learning can track the parking curve more accurately. Expand
Structural and Kinetic Hydrogen Sorption Properties of Zr0.8Ti0.2Co Alloy Prepared by Ball Milling
Kinetic measurements and scanning electron microscope images demonstrate that the morphology of Zr0.8Ti0.2Co has obviously changed after ball milling, which is closely related to the hydrogen absorption kinetics, and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy images show that a large number of disordered microstructures including amorphous regions and defects exist after ball mills, which play an important role in hydrogen sorption performances. Expand
Research for Management System of Mining Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Based on Wireless Network
With sustained and rapid development of China’s economy since the beginning of reform and opening up, the demand for all kinds of energy resources has been increasing greatly, especially coal, as oneExpand
Parameter optimization of ZrCo–H system for durable tritium storage and delivery system of ITER
Abstract Cycling stability of ZrCo–H system is extremely important for the long-term operation of the storage and delivery system (SDS) in ITER. Herein, the optimal cycling operation parameters wereExpand