Hui Geng

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Penicillium digitatum is one of the most destructive postharvest pathogen of citrus fruits, causing fruit decay and economic loss. The emergence of fungicide-resistant strains made the control of P. digitatum more difficult. While the genome of P. digitatum is available, there has been few reports about its resistant mechanism from the transcriptome(More)
The paper presents a service composition language called VINCA, which differs from many existing ones in its emphasis on enabling business users to visually " program " from business viewpoint their personalized applications on the basis of Web-based services. VINCA embodies an integrated approach to mediating between diverse, rapidly changing user(More)
DNA mismatch repair enzymes (for example, MSH2) maintain genomic integrity, and their deficiency predisposes to several human cancers and to drug resistance. We found that leukemia cells from a substantial proportion of children (∼11%) with newly diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukemia have low or undetectable MSH2 protein levels, despite abundant wild-type(More)
With the massive deployment of mobile devices and sensor networks, resistance against side-channel attacks in cryptographic systems has become an active research topic in recent years. While various security measures exist in literature, most of them are deterministic in nature, where the same input plaintext always results in the same power trace with a(More)
Retention registers have been widely used in power gated design to store data during sleep mode. Since they consume much larger area and power than normal registers, it is imperative to minimize the total retention storage size. The current industry practice only replace all registers with single-bit retention ones, which significantly limits the design(More)
TMEPAI (transmembrane prostate androgen-induced) is amplified at genomic, transcript and protein levels in triple-negative breast cancers and promotes TGF-β dependent growth, motility and invasion. Tumor promotion by TMEPAI depends on two different but related actions on TGF-β signaling. Firstly, TMEPAI binds and sequesters regulatory Smads2/3 and thereby(More)
Penicillium digitatum is the most destructive postharvest pathogen of citrus fruits, causing fruit decay and economic loss. Additionally, control of the disease is further complicated by the emergence of drug-resistant strains due to the extensive use of triazole antifungal drugs. In this work, an orthologus gene encoding a putative sterol regulatory(More)