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The proline-rich transmembrane protein 2 (PRRT2) gene has been recently identified as a causative gene of paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia (PKD), with an insertion mutation c.649_650insC (p.P217fsX7) reported as the most common mutation. However, the pathogenic mechanism of the mutation of PRRT2 remains largely unknown. Resting-state functional magnetic(More)
Although cardinal motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease (PD) are attributed to dysfunction of corticostriatal loops, early clinical nonmotor features are more likely to be associated with other pathologic mechanisms. We enrolled 52 early-stage drug-naive PD patients and 52 age- and sex-matched healthy controls and used resting-state functional connectivity(More)
By detecting spontaneous low-frequency fluctuations (LFF) of blood oxygen level-dependent (BOLD) signals, resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rfMRI) measurements are believed to reflect spontaneous cerebral neural activity. Previous fMRI studies were focused on the examination of motor-related areas and little is known about the functional(More)
OBJECTIVE This study used resting-state functional MRI (fMRI) to evaluate regional and network alterations in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) with and without depression. METHOD We recruited 29 patients with PD with depression (PD-Dep), 30 patients with PD without depression (PD-NDep), and 30 normal controls. All participants underwent(More)
Chorea-acanthocytosis is a rare autosomal recessive disorder. To date, treatment is only symptomatic and supportive. Results from the few reports of chorea-acanthocytosis patients treated with deep brain stimulation (DBS) have been inconsistent. We present case reports for two patients with chorea-acanthocytosis who received DBS treatment and compare the(More)
Despite growing interest, the frequency and characteristics of frontal lobe functional and behavioral deficits in Chinese people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), as well as their impact on the survival of ALS patients, remain unknown. The Chinese version of the frontal assessment battery (FAB) and frontal behavioral inventory (FBI) were used to(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the topological organization of whole-brain functional network is disrupted in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). We employed resting-state functional MRI (R-fMRI) and graph theory to investigate the topological organization of the functional connectome in 47 early-stage drug-naïve PD patients and 47(More)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a heterogeneous group of fatal neurodegenerative diseases characterized by a selective loss of motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord. Creation of transgenic mice expressing mutant Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD1), as ALS models, has made an enormous impact on progress of the ALS studies. Recently, it has been(More)
Cumulative evidence of gray matter abnormalities in semantic dementia (SD) has been reported using voxel-based morphometry (VBM). However, these studies have not been reviewed quantitatively. To estimate gray matter changes in SD quantitatively, we systematically searched whole-brain VBM studies comparing SD patients with healthy controls in the PubMed, ISI(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim is to use the high field MR scanner (3T) to verify whether diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) could help in locating the epileptogenic zone in patients with MRI-negative refractory partial epilepsy. METHOD Fifteen patients with refractory partial epilepsy who had normal conventional MRI, and 40 healthy volunteers were recruited for the(More)