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A study on image digital watermarking based on wavelet transform
This paper studies the methods of image digital watermarking based on wavelet transform and proves that this watermark has better abilities of hiding and anti-interference. Expand
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A Memristor-Based Scroll Chaotic System - Design, Analysis and Circuit Implementation
A scroll chaotic system containing a HP memristor model and triangular wave sequence is proposed in this article. Expand
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Researches on manufacturing cloud service composition & optimization approach supporting for service statistic correlation
In order to improve the quality of manufacturing cloud service composition, the influence of service statistic correlation on the QoS of cloudservice composition was studied, then a cloud service composing & optimization approach supporting for service statisticrelation was proposed in this paper. Expand
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Recent Insights from Computational Materials Chemistry into Interfaces Relevant to Enhanced Oil Recovery
The authors thank Mohammed Alotaibi for fruitful discussions. The research reported in this publication was supported by funding from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).
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Fault-tolerant Semiquantum key Distribution Over a Collective-dephasing Noise Channel
Semiquantum key distribution (SQKD) allows two remote users, quantum Alice and classical Bob, to share a secret key via a quantum channel and an authenticated classical channel. In most of theExpand
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[Maximum a posteriori fusion method based on gradient consistency constraint for multispectral/panchromatic remote sensing images].
Multispectral (MS) images with high spatial resolution (HR) can be obtained by fusing MS images and panchromatic (PAN) image, the HR MS images have an important significance in image interpretationExpand
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The Improvement of QKD Scheme Based on BB84 Protocol
In order to solve the low key distribution efficiency problem of BB84 protocol, an improved BB84 quantum key distribution scheme is presented in this paper. Expand
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Faster-YOLO: An accurate and faster object detection method
We propose a new method called Faster-YOLO, which is able to perform real-time object detection. Expand
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The stability, electronic, and magnetic properties of rare-earth doped silicon-based clusters
The rare-earth doped silicon-based clusters exhibit remarkable structural, physical, and chemical properties, which make them attractive candidates as building units in designing of cluster-basedExpand
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Deeply supervised convolutional neural network for shadow detection based on a novel aerial shadow imagery dataset
A convolutional neural network based shadow detection framework for aerial remote sensing images is presented. Expand
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