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The generation of laser-driven dense relativistic electron layers from ultra-thin foils and their use for coherent Thomson backscattering is discussed, applying analytic theory and one-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation. The blow-out regime is explored in which all foil electrons are separated from ions by direct laser action. The electrons follow the(More)
Agarwala et al. proposed two main folding rules, namely, backbone folding and arrow folding, on triangular lattice in 2D HP model [1]. However, these folding rules are not suitable for sequences with sparse H's. In this paper, we propose two folding rules, which can support the weakness of their folding rules. The first rule is called starlike folding which(More)
Coherent terahertz (THz) emission from the vacuum-plasma interface induced through laser wake-field excitation has been investigated by particle-in-cell simulations. The emission frequency appears around tau(-1)(L), where tau(L) is the laser pulse duration, even though the plasma density is distributed inhomogeneously near the interface. The emission(More)
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