Hui Chun Chen

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The reaction mechanisms for the reduction of carbon dioxide to formaldehyde catalyzed by bis(tricyclopentylphosphine) metal complexes, [RuH 2 (H 2)(PCyp 3) 2 ] (1 Ru), [FeH 2 (H 2)(PCyp 3) 2 ] (1 Fe) and [OsH 4 (PCyp 3) 2 ] (1 Os), were studied computationally by using the density functional theory (DFT). 1 Ru is a recently reported highly efficient(More)
A universal procedure was developed to calibrate image plate scanners using radioisotope sources. Techniques to calibrate scanners and sources, as well as cross-calibrate scanner models, are described to convert image plate dosage into physical units. This allows for the direct comparison of quantitative data between any facility and scanner. An empirical(More)
Traditional local-earthquake location using a horizontally layered homogeneous velocity model is limited in its resolution and reliability due to the existence of frequently overlooked 3D complexity of the real Earth. During traditional 3D seismic tomography, simultaneous earthquake relocation using the resultant 3D velocity model has produced reliable(More)
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