Hui-Chu Chang

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In budding yeast, HXT genes encoding hexose permeases are induced by glucose via a mechanism in which the F box protein Grr1 antagonizes activity of the transcriptional repressor Rgt1. Neither the mechanism of Rgt1 inactivation nor the role of Grr1 in that process has been understood. We show that glucose promotes phosphorylation of Rgt1 and its(More)
The RFMmodel provides an effective measure for customers’ consumption behavior analysis, where three variables, namely, consumption interval, frequency, and money amount are used to quantify a customer’s loyalty and contribution. Based on the RFM value, customers can be clustered into different groups and the group information is very useful in market(More)
  • Hui-Chu Chang
  • 2010 2nd International Conference on Education…
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Recently, Internet has become an import learning environment to assist students' learning, overcoming the limitations of time and space. In addition, the Internet is an import on-the-job trainings space to an enterprise, increasing enterprise's competitiveness in rapidly changing environment. In Internet learning environment, learning and teaching is(More)
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