Hui-Ching Kuo

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BACKGROUND A clinical significant improvement in health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is one of the main goals of weight control. OBJECTIVE To reveal the extent of weight loss on changes of HRQOL in obese Chinese. DESIGN A total of 119 motivated obese adults (BMI: 33.5 +/- 0.4 kg/m2) completed a 6-month weight loss intervention program by following(More)
Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor (WSTF) is one of ∼25 haplodeficient genes in patients with the complex developmental disorder Williams Syndrome (WS). WS results in visual/spatial processing defects, cognitive impairment, unique behavioral phenotypes, characteristic "elfin" facial features, low muscle tone and heart defects. WSTF exists in several(More)
Copper is an essential cellular cofactor that becomes toxic at high levels. Copper homeostasis is tightly regulated by opposing mechanisms that control copper import, export, and copper binding capacity within the cell. High levels of copper induce the expression of metallothioneins, small sulfhydryl-rich proteins with high metal binding capabilities that(More)
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