Hui-Chieh Lu

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Real time collaboration systems, in which participants share multimedia data and applications in real time, have attracted many researchers in recent years. A teleradiology consultation system based on the real time collaboration technology is presented in this paper. Under the platform-independence consideration, Java technologies are employed to construct(More)
Locations of moving or missing objects are getting important information for context-aware applications which try to get the locality of an object, and then provide services pertaining to the object. To position an object, most systems use a predefined coordinate to compute object location while sensing the appearance of the target object. Usually, it is(More)
Previous application sharing systems have no unified communication protocols. The well known application sharing protocols include RFB (remote framebuffer), RDP (remote desktop protocol) and ITU-T T.128. A generic application sharing architecture is proposed for providing the capability of connecting various application sharing servers with the same(More)
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