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pl9skp1 and p45skp2 are essential elements of the cyclin A-CDK2 S phase kinase
In normal human fibroblasts, cyclin A-CDK2 exists in a quaternary complex that contains p21 and PCNA. In many transformed cells, p21 disappears, and a substantial fraction of cyclin A-CDK2 complexesExpand
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Immunoaffinity profiling of tyrosine phosphorylation in cancer cells
Tyrosine kinases play a prominent role in human cancer, yet the oncogenic signaling pathways driving cell proliferation and survival have been difficult to identify, in part because of the complexityExpand
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Low-swing on-chip signaling techniques: effectiveness and robustness
This paper reviews a number of low-swing on-chip interconnect schemes and presents a thorough analysis of their effectiveness and limitations, especially on energy efficiency and signal integrity. InExpand
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Synchronization method based on a new constant envelop preamble for OFDM systems
The synchronization method using the available constant envelop preamble is analyzed, and a new preamble weighted by pseudo-noise sequence is proposed, with which a novel timing and frequency offsetExpand
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Cytosolic FoxO1 is essential for the induction of autophagy and tumour suppressor activity
Autophagy is characterized by the sequestration of bulk cytoplasm, including damaged proteins and organelles, and delivery of the cargo to lysosomes for degradation. Although the autophagic pathwayExpand
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D type cyclins associate with multiple protein kinases and the DNA replication and repair factor PCNA
Human cyclin D1 has been associated with a wide variety of proliferative diseases but its biochemical role is unknown. In diploid fibroblasts we find that cyclin D1 is complexed with many otherExpand
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Heavy metals in rice and garden vegetables and their potential health risks to inhabitants in the vicinity of an industrial zone in Jiangsu, China.
Contamination of soil and agricultural products by heavy metals resulting from rapid industrial development has caused major concern. In this study, we investigated heavy metal (Cu, Zn, Pb, Cr, HgExpand
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Gemmatimonas aurantiaca gen. nov., sp. nov., a gram-negative, aerobic, polyphosphate-accumulating micro-organism, the first cultured representative of the new bacterial phylum Gemmatimonadetes phyl.
A phylogenetically novel aerobic bacterium was isolated from an anaerobic-aerobic sequential batch reactor operated under enhanced biological phosphorus removal conditions for wastewater treatment.Expand
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L2DTL/CDT2 Interacts with the CUL4/DDB1 Complex and PCNA and Regulates CDT1 Proteolysis in Response to DNA Damage
The CUL4 (cullin 4) proteins are the core components of a new class of ubiquitin E3 ligases that regulate cell cycle, DNA replication, and DNA damage response. To determine the composition of CUL4Expand
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Oboe: auto-tuning video ABR algorithms to network conditions
Most content providers are interested in providing good video delivery QoE for all users, not just on average. State-of-the-art ABR algorithms like BOLA and MPC rely on parameters that are sensitiveExpand
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