Hugues Richard

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The problem of extracting from a set of nucleic acid sequences motifs which may have biological function is more and more important. In this paper, we are interested in particular motifs that may be implicated in the transcription process. These motifs, called structured motifs, are composed of two ordered parts separated by a variable distance and allowing(More)
SUMMARY The seq++ package offers a reference set of programs and an extensible library to biologists and developers working on sequence statistics. Its generality arises from the ability to handle sequences described with any alphabet (nucleotides, amino acids, codons and others). seq++ enables sequence modelling with various types of Markov models,(More)
The web software SIC provides a tool to search for short inverted segments (length 3-5000 bp) in a DNA sequence. The sequence is assumed to follow a Markov model. A statistic which is sensitive to inversion is presented. Searching inverted segments is done by a scanning approach after the user specifies the size of the scanning window and the order of the(More)
MOTIVATION The detection of structural variations (SVs) in short-range Paired-End (PE) libraries remains challenging because SV breakpoints can involve large dispersed repeated sequences, or carry inherent complexity, hardly resolvable with classical PE sequencing data. In contrast, large insert-size sequencing libraries (Mate-Pair libraries) provide higher(More)
Many statistical methods and programs are available to compute the significance of a given DNA pattern in a genome sequence. In this paper, after outlining the mathematical background of this problem, we present SPA (Statistic for PAtterns), an expert system with a simple web interface designed to be applied to two of these methods (large deviation(More)
BACKGROUND Patterns of care for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) strongly depend on the availability of on-site cardiac catheterization facilities. Although the management found at hospitals without on-site catheterization does not lead to increased mortality, little it known about its impact on resource utilization and non-fatal outcomes. METHODS We(More)
MOTIVATION The most common RNA-Seq strategy consists of random shearing, amplification and high-throughput sequencing of the RNA fraction. Methods to analyze transcription level variations along the genome from the read count profiles generated by the RNA-Seq protocol are needed. RESULTS We developed a statistical approach to estimate the local(More)
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