Hugues Rafaralahy

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[4] " Special issue on bio-inspired processors and cellular neural networks for vision, " IEEE Trans. A dedicated multi-chip pro-grammable system for cellular neural networks, " in Analog Integrated Global dynamic behavior of a three cell connected component detector CNN, " Int. A chaotic attractor with cellular neural networks opposite-sign templates, "(More)
This paper deals with the design of a reduced-order H ∞ filter for a stochastic bilinear system with a prescribed H ∞ norm criterion. The considered system is bilinear in control and with multiplicative noises in the dynamics and in the measurement equations. The problem is transformed into the search of a unique gain matrix by using Sylvester-like(More)
In this contribution we investigate the problem of simultaneous observer based sensor diagnosis and speed estimation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The main features lie in the use of a useful bank of reduced order observers to detect and isolate faulty sensors and in the same time to provide unbiased speed estimation of UAV from accelerometers. From a(More)
In this paper, the class of bilinear systems subjected to unknown inputs for which there exists a disturbance decoupled observer with linear error dynamics is characterised. It is shown that the design of this kind of observer is equivalent to the design of a disturbance decoupled observer for a linear system. This result simplifies considerably the(More)