Hugues Plisson

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Palaeolithic sites in Russian high latitudes have been considered as Upper Palaeolithic and thus representing an Arctic expansion of modern humans. Here we show that at Byzovaya, in the western foothills of the Polar Urals, the technological structure of the lithic assemblage makes it directly comparable with Mousterian Middle Palaeolithic industries that(More)
Ab stract Use-wear and tech no log i cal stud ies sug gest that Natufian flint as sem blages share sev eral char ac ter is tics with Mesolithic as sem blages of Eu rope, as both re gions show an ex ten sive pro duc tion of mi cro-lithic tools mostly de voted to an i mal pro cure ment and ex ploi ta tion. In the Lev ant, this as so ci a tion seems to be(More)
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