Hugues Bersini

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Gene expression measurements are a powerful tool in molecular biology, but when applied to heterogeneous samples containing more than one cellular type the results are difficult to interpret. We present here a new approach to this problem allowing to deduce the gene expression profile of the various cellular types contained in a set of samples directly from(More)
A plenitude of feature selection (FS) methods is available in the literature, most of them rising as a need to analyze data of very high dimension, usually hundreds or thousands of variables. Such data sets are now available in various application areas like combinatorial chemistry, text mining, multivariate imaging, or bioinformatics. As a general accepted(More)
Lazy learning is a memory-based technique that, once a query is received, extracts a prediction interpolating locally the neighboring examples of the query which are considered relevant according to a distance measure. In this paper we propose a data-driven method to select on a query-by-query basis the optimal number of neighbors to be considered for each(More)