Hugrún Ríkardsdóttir

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BACKGROUND Acute bacterial cellulitis is a potentially serious infection that commonly recurs. The identification of preventable risk factors could reduce infection-related morbidity and cost and improve patient management. The aim of this study was to identify the risk factors associated with lower-limb cellulitis, including both analysis of risk factors(More)
According to antibody analysis, approximately two of every three intravenous drug users in Iceland have become infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV). In this study, serum samples from 55 HCV antibody-positive intravenous drug users (39 males and 16 females) were analyzed by polymerase chain reaction, and the viral strains were grouped into genotypes. Only(More)
OBJECTIVE First to measure plasma HIV-1 RNA in Icelandic HIV infected individuals and second to evaluate the initial effects of new combination regimens on viral load and CD4+ cell counts in HIV infected patients in Iceland. MATERIAL AND METHODS The cohort studied consis notted of all HIV infected individuals we received samples from during the period(More)
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