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AIM To detect groups of subjects in a sample of 100 periodontally healthy volunteers with different combinations of morphometric data related to central maxillary incisors and surrounding soft tissues. MATERIAL AND METHODS Four clinical parameters were included in a cluster analysis: crown width/crown length ratio (CW/CL), gingival width (GW), papilla(More)
AIM The main objective of this clinical study was to document midfacial soft tissue dynamics following single immediate implant treatment (IIT) and conventional implant treatment (CIT) in the anterior maxilla when performed by experienced clinicians in well-selected patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS Appropriate bone volume and ideal soft tissue levels were(More)
BACKGROUND In the last decade several stereolithographic guided surgery systems were introduced to the market. In this context, scientific information regarding accuracy of implant placement and surgical and prosthodontical complications is highly relevant as it provides evidence to implement this surgical technique in a clinical setting. PURPOSE To(More)
BACKGROUND Sinus augmentation is a common procedure to increase bone volume and allow for proper implant placement in the atrophic posterior maxilla. Although the patient's own bone is considered the best grafting material, various synthetic or bovine-derived alternatives are used to simplify the grafting procedure. PURPOSE The overall objective of this(More)
OBJECTIVES This prospective mono-center study describes a clinical technique to provide dental implants with a temporary cross-arch cantilever bridge functionally loaded on the day of fixture insertion and discusses the 3-year follow-up of four to six machined surface Brånemark implants installed in the interforamina area. MATERIAL AND METHODS Ninety(More)
BACKGROUND Implant design and surface may have an influence on the marginal bone response during immediate functional loading. AIM The purpose of this study was to radiographically study the effect of implant design on marginal bone preservation at immediately loaded implants used for prosthetic rehabilitation of the completely edentulous mandible. (More)
BACKGROUND Implants and orthodontics are an important combination to obtain intraoral anchorage and eliminate the disadvantages linked with extraoral anchorage such as compliance problems, aesthetical, and social factors. The mini-screw is a simple, relatively low-cost method to provide intraoral anchorage. PURPOSES The aims of this study were to evaluate(More)
BACKGROUND The discrepancy between some scientific views and the daily clinical experience with dental implants has made the topic of "periimplantitis" highly controversial, especially the discussion whether "periimplantitis" should even be considered a "disease" or whether marginal bone loss instead would represent a complication of having a foreign body(More)
PURPOSE The aim was to compare and document in detail the aesthetic outcome of single implant treatment in healing sites (early implant placement) with fully healed sites (conventional implant placement) of the anterior maxilla. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study in patients who had been treated by two periodontists and two prosthodontists in(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this prospective clinical study was to document the overall treatment outcome of immediately loaded single Astra Tech Osseospeed™ (Astra Tech AB, Mölndal, Sweden) implants placed in extraction sockets, healed ridges, and grafted sites. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-eight patients in need of a single implant in the anterior maxilla(More)