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Tinnitus is a public health issue in France. Around 1% of the population is affected and 30,000 people are handicapped in their daily life. The treatments available for disabling tinnitus have until now been disappointing. We are reporting on the surgical treatment by electrical stimulation of the auditory cortex of a female patient affected by disabling(More)
and participants at the All-UC Conference, the economic history workshop at Harvard University, and the 2013 AEA meeting. Liability for errors is limited to the author. 2 " Of Time and Space: Technological Spillovers among Patents and Unpatented Innovations in the Nineteenth Century " ABSTRACT The paper assesses the role of institutional mechanisms in(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to evaluate rehabilitation of complete facial palsy with 3 procedures for hypoglossal-facial anastomosis: end-to-end ("original"), partial end-to-end with interpositional jump grafting ("jump") and the new partial end to end without grafting ("modified"). METHODS A medical jury reviewed videos of 36 patients with complete facial palsy(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine in a guinea pig model the factors of invasiveness of a bipolar electrode implanted in the horizontal semicircular canal (HSC) and to evaluate the consequences on hearing of electrical stimulation of the ampullary nerve. DESIGN Sixteen guinea pigs divided into four groups underwent surgical opening of the HSC of one ear as follows:(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Lumbar puncture is a common procedure highly contributive to neurological diagnosis. It can also cause serious adverse side effects including subdural hematoma and intracranial hypotension as illustrated by this case report. CASE REPORT A 38-year-old women presented severe intracranial hypotension after a lumbar puncture. Magnetic(More)
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