Hugo Terashima-Marín

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The idea behind hyper-heuristics is to discover rules that relate different problem states with the best single heuristic to apply. This investigation works towards extending the problem domain in which a given hyper-heuristic can be applied and implements a framework to generate hyper-heuristics for a wider range of bin packing problems. We present a(More)
Breast cancer is one of the main causes of death in women and early diagnosis is an important means to reduce the mortality rate. The presence of microcalcification clusters are primary indicators of early stages of malignant types of breast cancer and its detection is important to prevent the disease. This paper proposes a procedure for the classification(More)
In this article we build multi-objective hyperheuristics (MOHHs) using the multi-objective evolutionary algorithm NSGA-II for solving irregular 2D cutting stock problems under a bi-objective minimization schema, having a trade-off between the number of sheets used to fit a finite number of pieces and the time required to perform the placement of these(More)