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According to the Ministry of Health (2006), Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is hearing loss caused by prolonged exposure to noise. It is characterized as sensorineural hearing loss and is usually bilateral, irreversible, and progressive while the exposure to noise continues. A NIHL is a predictable and preventable disease with an epidemiologically(More)
In this paper we summarize the research activities at the Instituto de Telecomunicações--Pólo de Aveiro and University of Aveiro, in the field of fiber Bragg grating based sensors and their applications in dynamic measurements for Structural Health Monitoring of slender structures such as towers. In this work we describe the implementation of an optical(More)
The present paper presents a comparison of seismic provisions of three seismic design codes, the Philippine code, Eurocode 8 and the American code, to the most common ordinary residential frames of standard occupancy. Regular and irregular reinforced concrete frames were analyzed and compared for four storey building types. The response spectrum and the(More)
The authors report a retrospective analysis of all the aortic endovascular procedures performed in the Department until November 2009. The series includes a total of 302 patients, 246 of them having an elective treatment of an abdominal aortic aneurysm; 33 underwent an emergency treatment of an abdominal aortic aneurysm; and the remainder 23 patients had an(More)
The resection and reconstruction of the large venous vessels of the chest is a procedure intended to treat the symptoms of venous hypertension caused by the Superior Vena Cava Syndrome and to allow resection of mediastinal tumors that invade the superior vena cava (SVC) and the left and right innominate veins. We report four clinical cases of mediastinal(More)
Teleconsultation involves the use of technology so that the medical professionals and patients can interact with each other bringing health to where ever it is needed. Although it has been demonstrated to be feasible and effective its sustainability remains an important question. This paper presents the results of a literature review on teleconsultation,(More)
OBJECTIVES To retrospectively review the hybrid treatment of the aortic arch with supra-aortic debranching and endo- vascular stent-graft repair in a single institution. METHODS From 2007 to 2010, all patients submitted to aortic debranching procedures were entered into a prospective database analysis. For the present study, only patients with sealing(More)
Nonlinear structural analyses allow reproducing in a more realistic sense the behaviour of structures subjected to several types of complex loading conditions, e.g. earthquakes. However, it is largely recognized that these analyses normally generate a considerable amount of results, being difficult its interpretation. Over the last years considerable(More)