Hugo Quisbert

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In this paper a new view of the life cycle of information is described. Information never dies. The constituentes for information are: the context in which information is born and flows, internal attributes which enrich and gives better understanding of information, and the tools used for managing distribution, dissemination, access and availability of(More)
Crew Intelligence Systems is a family of very simple algorithms for different classes of complex optimization problems in static and dynamic environments by means of reactive multi agent systems. Crew Intelligence systems are loosely inspired from the behavior shown by a staff of bartenders when serving drinks to customers in a bar or pub. In this paper we(More)
In this paper we discuss long-term digital preservation from an information perspective, rather than the predominant approaches; the Archival and the Technocratic Approach. Our standpoint is that information is at the core of long-term digital preservation. This means that information is the object of preservation in the long term. Information lives longer(More)
We adapt the Shout and Act algorithm to Digital Objects Preservation where agents explore file systems looking for digital objects to be preserved (victims). When they find something they “shout” so that agent mates can hear it. The louder the shout, the urgent or most important the finding is. Louder shouts can also refer to closeness. We perform several(More)
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