Hugo Pimentel

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—GMU is a recently proposed genuine partial replication protocol for transactional systems that relies on an innovative, fully-decentralized multiversioning scheme to maximize efficiency and scalability. In this paper we tackle one of the key issues that affect the efficiency of GMU-based applications: enhancing their data locality, i.e. the ability to(More)
The effects of different temperature-acclimations on cellular proliferation and migration were studied in the cerebral cortex of the tropical lizard, Tropidurus hispidus. Lizards were divided in two groups: warm-acclimated lizards (WALs), maintained at the temperature and photoperiod conditions of their natural habitat (mean temperature 26°C; 12:12(More)
The racemate linalool and its levogyrus enantiomer [(-)-LIN] are present in many essential oils and possess several pharmacological activities, such as antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory. In this work, the effects of essential oil obtained from the cultivation of the Ocimum basilicum L. (EOOb) derived from Germplasm Bank rich in (-)-LIN content in the(More)
Lizards belonging to the Tropiduridae family are "sit-and-wait" foragers, relying mainly on visual identification to catch prey that cross their visual fields. Little is known about the neurobiology of Tropiduridae lizards. We have used neurohistological techniques to study the structural organization of the telencephalon of the neotropical lizard(More)
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