Hugo Pena-Verdeal

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Conjunctival hyperemia or conjunctival redness is a symptom that can be associated with a broad group of ocular diseases. Its levels of severity are represented by standard photographic charts that are visually compared with the patient's eye. This way, the hyperemia diagnosis becomes a nonrepeatable task that depends on the experience of the grader. To(More)
Dry eye syndrome is a common disorder of the tear film which affects a remarkable percentage of the population. The Break-Up Time (BUT) is a clinical test used for the diagnosis of this disease, which computes the time the first tear film break-up appears. This work describes a fully automatic methodology to compute the BUT measurement and evaluate the(More)
PURPOSE The lipid layer plays a major role in limiting evaporation of the tear film. Based on interference phenomena, there is a test directed to lipid layer pattern (LLP) evaluation, but is affected by subjective interpretation of the patterns. The aim of this study is to compare the LLP evaluation between two experienced observers on a group of healthy(More)
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