Hugo O. Garces

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We present a study for optimization of a combustion process based on optical measurements. First, we adapt a data-driven Hammerstein model on optical and key variables in a laboratory scale boiler. We then discuss the concepts of combustion diagnosis, optimization based on flame spectrum analysis and the inclusion of optical variables in the control system.(More)
This work presents a non-parametric method based on a principal component analysis (PCA) and a parametric one based on artificial neural networks (ANN) to remove continuous baseline features from spectra. The non-parametric method estimates the baseline based on a set of sampled basis vectors obtained from PCA applied over a previously composed continuous(More)
In this work, the theoretical fundamentals and the experimental results of combustion control for a ladle furnace preheating process are presented, featured by a high fuel consumption and their subsequent high operational temperatures. The ladle furnace preheating process maximize the ladle's inner refractory temperature, via combustion. The highlights of(More)
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