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Electrophysiological methods were employed to study the axonal properties of the neurons of anterior olfactory nucleus (AON), transition zone (TZ), and rostral prepyriform cortex (RPPC) and their projections towards the ipsilateral and contralateral olfactory bulb (IOB, COB) in the rat. Of 91 antidromically driven cells, 39 (43%) and 32 (35%) responded to(More)
Pregnant rats on the eighth day of gestation (GD 8) received 2 intraperitoneal injections (0.015 ml/g body weight) spaced by an interval of 4 hours, of either 0, 6, 12 18, or 24% (v/v) alcohol solution. Brains of pups sacrificed 24 hours after delivery revealed a dose-related impairment in hemispheric and cerebellar length, width and weight. Statistically(More)
Following electrical stimulation of the ipsi- or contralateral olfactory bulb, antidromically invaded neurons in the olfactory peduncle (OP) of the armadillo (a primitive mammal with a low brain temperature) show progressive decreases in conduction velocity when challenged with stimulation frequencies of 1-40 Hz. Antidromic latency also decreased or(More)
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