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Pregnant rats on the eighth day of gestation (GD 8) received 2 intraperitoneal injections (0.015 ml/g body weight) spaced by an interval of 4 hours, of either 0, 6, 12 18, or 24% (v/v) alcohol solution. Brains of pups sacrificed 24 hours after delivery revealed a dose-related impairment in hemispheric and cerebellar length, width and weight. Statistically(More)
Following electrical stimulation of the ipsi- or contralateral olfactory bulb, antidromically invaded neurons in the olfactory peduncle (OP) of the armadillo (a primitive mammal with a low brain temperature) show progressive decreases in conduction velocity when challenged with stimulation frequencies of 1-40 Hz. Antidromic latency also decreased or(More)
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